You are on your way to a Halloween Party, but some unwanted guests prevent you from leaving the house... Who will you call for help? 

Welcome to Raven Reach! This small Visual Novel game is made in the Halloween Jam 2020 as the first introduction to this strange little town.

You just moved to Raven Reach and now live in a cottage on the old cemetery. A bit spooky but you don't want to be too superstitious... However, on Hallows' Eve the veil between worlds becomes thinned and you encounter an unwanted guest. 

Call for help and see if you can survive this exciting evening and make your way to the Halloween party! 

This game has 13 different endings, of which 9 end in your death... Will you find all of them? 

Update 02/01/2021 

We remade this game in Ren'Py and are using the new (beta) option of making a web-executable game. We hope it works for you, please let us know if there are any issues.

A Castle Coven Gaming Production

Art (sprite and background) and story by: 
Lizah van der Aart 
Kelly Jenkins
Stephanie Gallon
Abigail Briggs

Jasper Swank

Sounds via

Game made with CloudNovel

Development log


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It's cute and the art and music choices are good. It is too short to call a game. Like, the shortest "game" I have ever played. It is surprisingly short like over in 5 minutes....It's more like an intro maybe? It would be nice to see more of it with the other characters shown at the party. Or get to know the two mains now with a couple days of build up maybe? Go to his bookstore or her restaurant, introduce them to the reader, banter, help out with Halloween prep, etc... 

Heya, thank you for the comment!

Yeah I agree, this is partly because this one was part of a game Jam, so it's made from scratch within a month, and because it's the first  one we made as a whole. I have also found out that it's very hard to get a good feeling for the gameplay vs the effort of making it :') So far we are very pleased to at least have gone through the whole experience of starting to finishing this minigame. 

Your suggestions to make it a bit lengthier are great, thank you. :) Now that the Jam is finished, we are considering to take some more time to make this a bigger (actual) game. 

That makes sense. Congratulations on completing your first project! You seem to have a really good start, and I look forward to seeing more with this town and these characters :) Having the hellhounds be spooky versions of regular dogs was funny and  a good touch I forgot to mention.

Aw thank you :) Yeah it really helps that we have some characters and background now. Or more important, having made a THING. For the future we also know that our writing may look like much but will probably be less in gameplay than we think. Thank you so much for your support, more is definitely coming :)